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At Secret Story Film and Video, Inc, we work with you to create high-quality digital media productions, whether they're narrative, documentary, promotional, or event-based.

We've worked with filmmakers and comedians, corporate and non-profit clients, and produce our own independent work that has been featured at film festivals around the world.

Our team

Kelly Rockwell, Haldane McFall, and friends

We make films and/or videos!

Among many other projects, in 2017 Kelly Rockwell directed six collaborations with Well+Good, and produced numerous projects with our longtime collaborators at BFD Productions and Crooked Letter Films. Also last year Haldane McFall was lead editor and wrote some of the music for CNN's Mostly Human with Laurie Segall, on which Kelly was also production coordinator.

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 Photo by  Bill Hayward

Photo by Bill Hayward

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